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There are many different specimens to view. Moving your cursor over the Specimen # button will reveal a pop-up menu to allow specimen selection. You can also select the Information Level to invoke with this menu.

Each web page has "hotspots" associated with points of interest on the specimen. These hotspots are denoted by the cursor changing from an arrow icon to a hand icon, with an associated small textbox identifying the item of interest. (Please note that these boxes may not appear for all browsers)

Sometimes buttons appear, offering different viewing points of the same specimen. Clicking on a ZOOM IN hotspot takes you to another page, where the region clicked is presented at higher magnification, or repositioned for a better view. Clicking on remaining hotspots will open small windows containing detailed information about the feature. If you do not see these boxes, check that you have not blocked pop-up boxes in your browser configuration.

Can you find every hotspot in every window and therefore find every image?

If a part of the image is magnified when you click on the hotspot, you can return to the original magnification image by clicking on the "Zoom Out" button on the bottom right-hand-side of the table.

Clicking on the "Information" button will bring up the general information page on Ants.

Clicking on "Instructions" on any page will bring you to this page.


To return to the page you were viewing click on your browser navigation menu "BACK" button.